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Caher Dudayev Bulvarı No:67 Yalı Mahallesi, Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey

About Us

About Us

Welcome to the EYE SURGERY CLINIC NET GÖZ, where you will receive 3rd generation laser eye surgeries. NET GÖZ EYE SURGERY CLINIC has been designed as a boutique surgery center for the patients. NET GÖZ EYE SURGERY CLINIC offers healthcare services to the patients from the day of the request until they have no more questions. It is the initial point of personal contact for acquiring medical information, orientation and registration.

Why Netgöz

Let us assist you with the following services:
• Multilanguage speaking staff
• Treatment plan prepared by NET GÖZ EYE SURGERY CLINIC Physicians
• Medical appointments
• Estimating the cost of services
• Arranging ground transportation from the Airport-Net GÖZ EYE SURGERY CLİNC-Hotel-Airport
• Hotel arrangements
• Assisting with hospital admissions
• Delivering the copies of medical reports following the consultations
• Assisting with international insurance companies
• Other services available upon request
• We accept major credit and debit cards. It is olso posible to pay in cash at the clinic.
• No hidden costs!
• We are here for you with 15 years of experience and more than 40 000 successful cataract surgeries and over 14 000 refractive eye surgeries (SMILE-Method, Femto-LASIK, LASEK / PRK, Multifocal lenses, Implantable contact lens / ICL, Refractive lens exchange) in totally more than 300 000 satisfied patients!

Many people are unaware that the cumulative cost of glasses and / or contact lenses especially in the long term is significantly higher than the one time cost of eye laser treatment. The eye laser treatment procedure pays off completely in many cases after a relatively short time.


Our Doctors

Prof. Dr. Fehmi Küçükerdönmez
Prof. Dr. Fehmi Küçükerdönmez

Op. Dr. Nami Torunoğlu
Op. Dr. Nami Torunoğlu

Op. Dr. Behram Yıldırımşimşek
Op. Dr. Behram Yıldırımşimşek

Op. Dr. <br>Hakan Türker
Op. Dr.
Hakan Türker

Op. Dr. <br>Mehmet Mercan
Op. Dr.
Mehmet Mercan

Op. Dr. <br>Filiz Akyol
Op. Dr.
Filiz Akyol

Op. Dr. <br>Hayati Türker
Op. Dr.
Hayati Türker

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